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Appeals Policy (v2.20)


ISM strives to provide excellent service to it’s learners and seeks to prevent the occurrence of appeals by ensuring learners are fully prepared for assessment events by providing clear instructions and offering reasonable adjustments if required. In the event that a learner experiences dissatisfaction, discontent or resentment about an assessment process or outcome, ISM will ensure a fair and equitable process of appeal is provided. ISM will deal with this appeal in a constructive and timely manner upholding our Code of Practice and requirements of the National Regulator. 


Appeals Procedures


  • Appeals can be sent in via the online appeals form on our website, email to admin@ism.edu.au or in post to Suite 47, 26-32 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont NSW 2009.
  • All appeals should be addressed to ISM Academic Director
  • Appeals must be made within 30 days of the ‘date of publication’ of the result. (The date the learner received the result as evidenced on ISM eLearning portal)
  • On receiving an appeal, staff shall acknowledge receipt and advise the appeals procedure within 48 hours.
  • All appeals will be directed to the Academic Director for resolution within 30 days. The Academic Director will provide a written response with a resolution to the learner within this time frame.
  • The resolution will either be; appeal accepted and assessment results overridden, re-assessment (re-adjustment of assessment) completed by a different assessor or the results stand as fair and reasonable assessment procedures were applied.
  • The Academic Director will ensure procedural fairness (fair and proper procedure used) when making a decision.
  • The response to the learner shall include the resolution, information and procedures concerning the learner’s rights to further appeal.
  • The learner has 30 days in which they can respond to the proposed resolution. After 30 days ISM considers the appeal resolution to be agreeable by all parties.
  • The learner has right to a further appeal, which will be directed to a member of the ISM executive team.
  • All correspondence regarding the appeal will be stored on ISM Cloud system and treated confidentially.

Appeals Form

Please enter details of your complaint below and our Academic Director will be in contact with you within 30 days.

Appeals Form
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