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At The Institute of Strategic Management, our short courses deliver critical skills and knowledge to meet industry standards and industry compliance. 

We deliver quality, results-driven, and outcome-based training that you can apply immediately in your workplace.


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NCCP: National Consumer Credit Protection Legislation

This short course is for anyone providing credit-related services to consumers under the Australian Credit Licence (ACL) or as an authorised representative under the ACL.

FNSSS00004: BAS Agent Registration Skill Set

This skill set is designed for persons who are seeking registration as a business activity statement (BAS) agent with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB).

Telephone techniques

This newly designed program covers key Telephone Techniques and will deliver the skills and scripting needed to host professional conversations that result in positive outcomes.

RG105 Responsible Manager

This course is specifically designed to meet the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) requirements under RG105, requiring organisations under the AFS license to have a responsible manager to rely on for your organisational competence.

RG146: Tier II ASIC compliance

Completion of this short course will enable the participant to comply with the standards of RG 146 Tier II under ASIC requirements.

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