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Staff Training

Training for Financial Services

ISM specialises in training for the financial services industry.  Our major clients include banks, credit unions, financial planning organisations, mortgage brokers and insurers.

High-quality training for your staff is crucial to ensuring you have a sustainable competitive advantage and meet your compliance requirements.  But too often training is vanilla and your staff feel like they are going through the motions doing a generic qualification for work they already do each day.  Staff dislike it, completion is a struggle, and you get poor value for your investment.

ISM is different.  We specialise in financial services.  We tailor training to our clients.  Our primary focus is ensuring your organisation and your staff get the results you are seeking from the training and that value is delivered to your organisation.  We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) so structure this around nationally recognised qualifications to ensure your staff also complete a recognised qualification.

From our staff to our training resources, we specialise in our Financial Services industry and have the skills, knowledge and experience to tailor training to you.

To find out how tailored training could benefit your organisation and why so many organisations in the financial services industry choose ISM, contact us for a free consultation.