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The Governance 360 process is based on compelling research into the characteristics of successful boards in the mutuals sector.

How does it work?

Boards and directors benefit greatly from regular review and quality feedback.

Governance 360 is a convenient, accurate method of measuring and enhancing board performance. It helps boards and directors understand their performance and offers practical opportunities for improvement.

Governance 360 is objective and independent. The process is simple to implement with each director receiving an individual review pack and report. ISM manages administration and follow-up.

  • Helps meet ASIC and APRA governance and regulatory requirements
  • Supports the chairperson in increasing the strategic focus of the board
  • Provides insight into subtle board dynamics and the nuances of individual and group behaviour
  • Improves board performance
  • Compares performance against industry benchmarks
  • Measures four key performance areas and provides analysis of six skill clusters
  • Offers practical recommendations for future action
  • Contributes to the continuous professional development needs of directors
  • Provides objective feedback and support to the chairperson

What does it review?

Governance 360 provides powerful, objective insights into:

  • The board as a whole
  • Directors as a group
  • Directors individually
  • Board sub-committees

Governance 360 assesses:

For the Board

  • Stakeholder relationships
  • Technical Competence
  • Value Focus
  • Sustainability

For Individual Directors

  • Relationship Management
  • Technical competence
  • Value Focus
  • Emotional Awareness

Coaching from Experts

Boards using Governance 360 consider it the most effective board governance tool in the mutual sector. Hundreds of surveys have been completed over more than 10 years with mutuals ranging from large building societies to small and mid-sized credit unions.

The review is conducted by industry experts with extensive experience in mutuals and governance and powerful insight into industry trends and norms.

Governance 360 does not simply provide you a set of data and reports. It provides detailed discussion on performance, trends and industry benchmarks, and specific proposed interventions that help boards and individual directors improve performance. We provide personal support and coaching to help each chairperson get the best from the review.


  • “Over the past 7 years, Governance 360 has provided Gateway with a robust and trusted process for evaluating the performance of our Board and its directors. The feedback and analysis provided is thorough and constructive and ithas been the foundation for improving the quality of our deliberations.”
    Catherine HallinanChairperson, Gateway Credit Union
  • “The questionnaire was extensive and the processes in Governance 360 were ideal for critical analysis of board performance. The results have been of great value in further developing our capabilities, individually and as a board. I am very happy to recommend the assessment program to any board looking to improve its overall performance.”
    Daryl ChipperfieldChairman, Sutherland Credit Union

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