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ELEVATE- Coaching

Sustain growth in business


Coaching tailored to your team.

Embed what has been learned, receive coaching through real life examples, achieve lasting cultural change.

Our newly developed 6 month coaching program is based on the learnings obtained from the member experience program and works to build the new skills learnt into every day occurrences, cementing the sales uplift created by the member experience program.

Participants are given a number of one on one meetings with industry professionals and a comprehensive specially designed workbook and activities, all scheduled over a 6 month period.


ISM will target these outcomes:

  • Improve Staff Skills
  • Leverage Your Database
  • Engage Frontline Staff in Sales Campaigns
  • Retain Your Members
  • Stimulate Referrals
  • Generate New Leads
  • Deepen Relationships
  • Increase Volume
  • Reduce Business Loss