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Fees and Refund Policy (v2.20)

ISM will charge fees for services performed according to the standard fee schedule or as the agreement with the client. ISM will provide a refund to participants on a receipt of a written request within 21days of enrolment.

Fees and Refund Procedure
  • The ISM fee schedule can be found on the ISM website.
  • ISM is committed to regularly reviewing its fee schedule to ensure it remains competitive and provides fair prices to clients.
  • ISM will ensure that participants eligible to receive any government funding will be charged an administration fee in line with the specific requirements of the government funding.
  • ISM will keep on its LMS system any evidence that is supplied by participants eligible for funding as to concession charges
  • Upon enrolment, ISM will issue an invoice according to the fee schedule.
  • Participants are required to pay no more than $1,500.00 prior to the commencement of the course. Remaining fees will be due after commencement with due date outlined on the invoice.
  • Corporate clients will be issued an invoice as per corporate client agreements.
  • Certificates will not be issued to participants until full fees have been received.

A person who enrols with ISM will be provided with 21 days within which to withdraw and request a refund. Notification to withdraw must be made in writing to the CEO by letter or email. When notifying withdrawals, the person must include full name, client number, name of course and documentation to support exceptional circumstances that has prompted the withdrawal. 25% of the enrolment fees will be withheld to cover administration costs such as setting-up records, letters, notices and any materials already supplied.

Fees that may you may need to know about
  • Re-issue of qualification – $30.00 (in presentation folder)
  • Printing of course materials – $300 (per full course materials)

Under the Standards of NVR for Registered Training Organisations, ISM will NOT accept more than $1,500.00 payment in ADVANCE for individual clients. Schedules will be set up for remaining payments to be made. Access to our eLearning portal or materials or workshops will NOT be provided until the initial invoice is paid. Organisations may engage our services based on a prior arrangement by sign an MOU in this instance, participants will be provided access as soon as enrolment forms are completed. Full fees will be charged to the organisation post enrolment/event.  All invoices are 21 days terms if you require extensions or fee splits please contact the CEO via with a written request.

All fees charged are based on a one-year enrolment term.

All course fees will be listed on the enrolment link and will vary according to the mode of delivery and level of qualification.

If you like to apply for a concession or exemption you must contact the CEO via and provide supporting evidence.

ISM has access to some federal and state-based funding if you would like to know more information about these please review our Funding tab or contact for further information and eligibility criteria.

We can supply a corporate submission please contact if you would like to arrange a meeting with our Business Development Manager


In the event of RTO closure (including a third party supplier)

ISM is committed to ensuring all training is completed in accordance with its terms and conditions. If ISM or a partnering organisation were to close, we will advise all Students and issue a statement of attainment for the units of competency completed and provide a refund for the remaining units of competency (relevant to the percentage of the course completed)

Payment Instalments

Option 1:

(in full, course under $1500.00)

Option 2:

(2 instalments)

Option 3:

(3 instalments)

Option 4:

(4 instalments)

a. Payment paid in Full (courses under $1500.00)a. $1500.00 to commence then the remaining amount paid 1 month prior to completion of course

a. Course fee divided into 3 payments

(Commencement, halfway and 1 month prior to completion of course)

a.Course fee divided into 4 payments

(Commencement, halfway, prior and on completion of course)

b. Over $1500.00 payment instalment Option 2, a. would applyb. 50% of fees to commence then remaining amount 1 month prior to completion of course  

Please note: ISM will not accept more than $1,500 until you have completed 95% of the program. Remaining payments are due 1 month prior to completion or upon completion of your program.

Course Extensions
Strict enrolment fees apply to all of our courses. If required, you may extend your course duration by contacting us to organising the extention. Extension fees will be applicable as below;
Fees are:
1 month extension$195
3 month extension$295
6 month extension$395
12 months extension$595
Please note; If you are applying for an extenuating circumstances extension please contact us here. You will be required to submit a form providing us with information about your reason for the application for the extension. Our academic team will then assess your situation and inform you of the outcome of the extension application.
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