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What we deliver

At the Institute of Strategic Management (ISM) we deliver a range of qualifications and short courses in finance, business and leadership. Our extensive selection of courses means you will find the perfect course to meet your needs. If you are not quite sure what you are after, we are happy to help. Just contact us and our team and we will discuss with you your requirements and match you with your perfect course. Our programs are delivered in both workshop and online formats, right across Australia. Our range of courses are suited to both individuals and business.

We regularly work with one on one clients plus small, medium and large businesses. Our extensive experience working within the Financial Services industry makes our courses the perfect choice for anyone who is currently or looking to become a Mortgage Broker, Customer Service employee, Trainee, or in a Leadership or Managment role.

We deliver qualifications from Certificate III through to and including Advanced Diploma levels. This means we are able to offer a course that will provide skills and knowledge, regardless of your current role.


Courses tailored to what you need

ISM prides itself on it’s individualised service to clients; ISM will develop learning material to suit the needs of its clients, delivers training in a variety of modes and offers learners support using current technologies. We are different to other training organisations as we offer our clients services such as strategic planning, Governance 360, our BOOST CPD program, coaching and training program design and writing.


Study at Your Own Pace

Online Learning is rapidly becoming one of our most popular learning modes. If you would like the flexibility to program your study around your lifestyle, online learning is the right choice for you.

If you need to plan your study around your lifestyle, online learning with ISM is for you.

Our online learning courses enable you to study from anywhere you can access a computer and the internet. You do not need to a regular school or campus and can more easily tailor your training schedule to your needs. Our online materials incorporate written materials and interactive video. While you are learning online you still get access to professional trainers when you need them and we provide ongoing support throughout your course.

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