Consumer Protection Policy (7)


ISM is aware of its obligation to provide consumer protection for all students as designated in the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, the NSW Fair Trading Act 1987, the NVR Standards for RTO’s 2015 and the Smart and Skilled Consumer Protection Policy. To ensure our customers are fully protected and are aware of their rights and of avenues to complaints we have developed a Customer Protection Strategy as listed below. ISM understands that Australian Consumer Law applies to Education and Training services and will comply with all aspects.

ISM is committed to ethical conduct as per all the ISM Policies and Procedures, such as the Marketing and Advertising policy, Client enrolment and Support Policy, Access and Equity Policy, Complaints Policy, Privacy Policy and Appeals Policy.


Consumer Protection Strategy

  • A Quality Assurance Statement will be published that ensures training and assessment services will meet the legislative requirements of a Registered Training Organisation, be fit for purpose and delivered in the advertised timeframe. 
  • All information provided about training products and services will be accurate and factual. 
  • We will not offer inducements of any kind, either directly or through marketing agents, to encourage student enrolment. 
  • Information about any partnerships about recruitment and training and assessment will be provided. 
  • We will monitor any marketing made on our behalf by Third Parties in accordance with our Partnering Agreement Policy, and Marketing and Advertising Policy
  • We will not make any guarantees to the effect that learners will successfully complete their training program, obtain employment on completion or that a training product will be delivered in a manner that does not meet the Standards for RTO’s 2015
  • We will inform learners before they enrol of any entry requirements. These will be published in our course brochures/information and on our website and may include English language proficiency or meeting licensing requirements. 
  • We will establish that learners meet entry requirements before they can be enrolled, and we will not knowingly enrol a person who is unlikely to successfully complete the training program. Circumstances that may limit a person’s ability to complete training include, but are not limited to, disabilities, chronic illness, LLN or English as a Second Language (ESL) issues, lack of internet connection when online access is required to complete training or the inability to meet any licensing requirements. 
  • We will not enrol anyone in a course without seeking and receiving their informed and explicit consent. 
  • Marketing by email will meet the legal obligations of the Spam Act 2003, namely: it is only directed to previous learners or people who have given express consent or where inferred consent can be established, it clearly and accurately identifies the sender of the message and provides information on how they can be contacted, there is an unsubscribe option. 
  • Learners will be provided with the following information prior to enrolment: The Complaints Policy, and Appeals Process, Fees and Refund policy, and Privacy Policy. 
  • We will make arrangements if training and assessment services in which they are enrolled can no longer be provided. 
  • We will advise learners as soon as practicable of any changes to agreed services, including in relation to any changes to relevant legislation, existing partnering agreements, new partnering agreements or a change in ownership. 
  • Any allegations made in relation to the conduct of a Partner, Trainers, Assessors and/or other staff will be investigated and dealt with according to the Complaints Policy and Appeals Policy. 
  • Any complaint will be treated as an opportunity to review and improve our service and will be included as part of our Continuous Improvement Process. 
  • Written consent will be obtained from anyone whose photograph, testimonial, logo, or work is used in any form of marketing or promotion. 
  • All personal information will be recorded and stored in line with the National Privacy Principles. 
  • The CEO will be the designated Customer Protection Officer. Their role will be to handle all complaints and grievances and to ensure compliance with Consumer Protection legislative and Funding Body contractual compliance. 
  • The contact details of the Customer Protection Officer will be made available to all clients on the website and in pre-enrolment information. 
  • Details of, or links to, the Smart and Skilled website and 1300 77 2104 contact number will be made available via ISM website
  • A link to the Consumer Protection Strategy will be included in Student Information available on our website. 
  • Every attempt will be made to resolve any student complaints using the Complaints Policy and Appeals Policy. 
  • If after following the Complaints Policy and Appeals Process, a student feels matters are unresolved to their satisfaction and wish to inform a third party, they will be provided with contact details for NSW Department of Education and Communities Consumer Protection Unit for Students. 
  • Students will confirm they have access to the Consumer Protection Information. 

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