Client Feedback and Evaluation Policy (v2.20)


ISM is committed to securing and reviewing advice and feedback from all its stakeholders involved in the delivery of its Training and Assessment.

Client Feedback and Evaluation Procedures
  • All stakeholders completing any event that involves the completion of supply to, or services offered by ISM, will be provided with a Client Feedback Form.
  • Completed Client feedback forms shall be returned to ISM Administration and submitted for review
  • On receiving Client Feedback forms the Administrative Assistant shall designate compliments or suggestions for improvement to the next operational management meeting and a complaint will be given directly to the CEO. The CEO will follow the complaints policy.
  • All management-meeting members present shall consider and review the Client feedback form as an opportunity for Continuous Improvement.
  • Participants completing qualifications and attending set training programs will be requested to complete ‘workshop evaluation forms’. Throughout the program the form will be utilised at ‘Commencement’, ‘Mid-way’ and ‘Completion’ points.
  • All clients/participants will be requested to complete a Participant/employer survey on the whole course at the conclusion of the course (quality indicators)
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