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Client Enrolment and Support Policy (v2.20)


ISM is committed to ensuring a consistent approach to ensuring that clear enrolment information regarding the courses are provided prior to enrolment, and support needs of each individual learner are provided prior to commencement and throughout their course.

ISM will provide pre-enrolment information to prospective learner that is accurate and factual. Pre-enrolment information in the form of a ‘learner handbook’ as well as specific course information can be found on the ISM website.

Client Enrolment and Support Procedures
  • Any client that enquires about ISM courses will be referred to the ISM website for information on the course and studying with ISM, fees schedule and options for payment.
  • Clients can enrol via ISM website or will be emailed a course-specific link for enrolment. (Automated confirmation sent to the client)
  • There may be some pre-requisites that a learner must satisfy prior to enrolment but completing an online checklist. (Evidence will be required)
  • Learners must provide clear information on support required at the pre-enrolment/pre-requisite stage of the application. (information on support available is detailed in the ‘learner handbook’ available on the ISM website)
  • ISM has an LLN Assessment if a student feels they do not need LLN support they can provide evidence of competency.
  • Upon enrolment into an ISM course or program, the client must review and accept the ISM Enrolment Terms and Conditions

Once the client enrols, this will be accepted by ISM Administration and a Welcome email will be issued with the following details;

  • Student number
  • Confirmation of the course they have enrolled in
  • Log on information to eLearning portal
  • Trainer and Assessor details
  • Course Coordinator details
  • The allocated coordinator will contact the client to arrange an appropriate / develop an Individual Learning Plan (ILP)
  • The ILP will be developed within 24 hours of receipt of client documentation
  • The coordinator will reflect the ILP on the LMS
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