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FNS41815 Certificate IV in Financial Services

FNS41815 Certificate IV in Financial Services

Specialising in Commercial and Asset Finance.

We are pleased to present our newest program, tailored for today’s finance professionals, focusing on the practical aspects of equipment and commercial finance.

Working closely with CAFBA, the Institute of Strategic Management have developed The Commercial and Asset Finance Program. This program is ideally suited for people seeking to work as finance professionals, specialising in the commercial and asset finance space.

Online Course Enrolment


This course gives you an excellent understanding of key issues and product information in the commercial and asset finance industry, therefore enabling you to offer sound guidance to clients. It includes all the essential skills such as product knowledge, legal aspects and documentation required to implement a commercial or asset based loan. Our program caters for learners who are brand new to the industry as well as those who are experienced finance professionals.

What will I Learn?

    • The key features and benefits of products that help the client achieve their capital and investment goals.
    • The skills required to educate and inform your clients to meet their needs.
    • The tools used by the credit underwriter.
    • How to analyse the statement of Financial Performance and Financial Position.
    • How to build a customer relationship program.
  • How to develop relationships with key strategic partners.

What is being said

    How is the course presented?

    There are 13 units of competency in this Program that are incorporated into  4 modules (as below)specifically designed to provide you with important competencies that will be valuable in your role as a commercial and equipment finance specialist.

    If you choose to attend the workshops, you will go through one module per day (with additional online learning).

    Background & Compliance

    Background & Compliance

    Examine the history of the commercial and asset finance markets as well as the development of the products associated with these.

    Understanding Product

    Understanding Product

    Examine the major categories of when and where equipment and commercial finance products are best applied.

    Credit Application

    Credit Application

    Learn the steps that the finance provider will go through in order to assess your client’s credit application.

    Financial Statements

    Financial Statements

    Analyse Statements of Financial Performance (or Profit & Loss) and Statements of Financial Position (Balance Sheet).


    The program is completed online for $1295 (annual fee) or through a workshop program (with online content) for $1,595.00*

    * RPL price on application (pending number of units applying for RPL)

    *Workshop – subject to availability and minimum numbers.

    Who is it for?

    This qualification is relevant to finance professionals who may work in a variety of workplace which offer the following:

      • Fleet Leasing
      • Land Finance
      • Equipment Finance
      • Motor Finance
      • Fleet Leasing
    • Consumer Finance

    Entry requirements

    There are no entry requirements for this course.

    How is this course delivered?

    You can complete this course online or in a workshop environment. Workshops are limited and based on demand. Contact us on 1300 200 705 if you are interested in completing this course in a workshop.


    We understand that each learner has individual requirements and likes to study at their own pace. We would expect this course to take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year to complete. 

    Online Course Enrolment

    For details about our workshops in Sydney please click on the below:

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    If you are interested in completing the workshop in another location please complete our Expression of Interest form and we will notify you when workshops are scheduled.

    If you have any questions, please use the Contact Us form to the left or you can contact our friendly Admin Team on 02966 07221.

    Course requirements

    To achieve FNS41815 Certificate IV in Financial Services, the participant will need to complete 13 units of competency as below:

      • 1 core  units
    • 12 elective units

    Core units and electives

    Please click on the drop downs below to view a description on each unit within this course.

    Core Units


    Unit Name

    What will I Learn?

    FNSINC401 Apply principles of professional practice to work in the financial services industry
      • Identifying scope, sectors and responsibilities of industry
      • Identifying and applying guidelines, procedures and legislation
      • Identifying sustainability issues
      • Managing information
      • Participating in and facilitating work team activities
      • Planning work to be completed
    • Developing and maintaining personal competency

    Elective Units


    Unit Name

    What will I Learn?

    FNSFMK505 Comply with financial services legislation and industry codes of practice
      • Identifying and applying organisational requirements of regulatory obligations
      • Identifying changes to regulations and procedural implications
      • Complying with any relevant industry or professional codes
    • Maintaining statutory records
    BSBWOR404  Develop work priorities
      • Planning and completing own work schedule
      • Monitoring own work performance
    • Coordinating professional development
    FNSORG401  Conduct individual work within a compliance framework
      • Identify individual compliance requirements
      • Interpret individual compliance requirements
      • Develop or respond to procedures to ensure individual compliance
    • Identify and adapt to changes in individual compliance requirements
    FNSINC402  Develop and maintain in-depth knowledge of products and services used by an organisation or sector
      • Identifying products and services organisation uses
      • Identifying compliance implications of product
      • Determining appropriate users for products and services
    • Maintaining product knowledge
    FNSSAM401  Sell financial products and services
      • Establish rapport and determine the needs of a client
      • Identify products and/or services that might satisfy client needs
      • Prepare and present proposal to client
    • Process documentation of sale
    BSBCUS402   Address customer needs
      • Ensure customer needs are fully explored, understood and agreed
      • Satisfy complex customer needs
    • Manage networks to ensure customer needs are addressed
    FNSCRD401  Assess credit applications
      • Satisfy initial enquiry
      • Assess and verify credit information
      • Assess credit
    • Establish credit terms and limits
    FNSCRD402  Establish and maintain appropriate security
      • Assess requirement for security
      • Identify available security options and suitability of available securities
      • Apply appropriate security
    • Monitor and review effectiveness of security arrangement
    FNSCRD301  Process applications for credit
      • Check and verify application details
      • Conduct and apply for a credit assessment
      • Prepare recommendations
      • Maintain an up-to-date record system
    • Monitor and record file movements
    FNSPIM410  Collect, assess and use information
      • Clarify the requirements for information
      • Check information and data to confirm that it is accurate, up to date and comprehensive
      • Present information in appropriate format
    • Interpret and analyse information and data
    FNSORG501   Develop and manage a budget
      • Plan for and collect information for budget
      • Develop budget
      • Finalise budget and allocate resources
      • Monitor and control budget
    • Complete financial and statistical reports
    BSBREL402  Build client relationships and business networks
      • Initiate interpersonal communication with clients
      • Develop client loyalty strategies to attract and retain clients in accordance with the business strategy
      •  Maintain and improve ongoing relationships with clients
    • Build and maintain networks

    Assessment information

    Assessments for this course will be provided on your learner portal. There are a range of assessment which include quizzes, written tasks and/or case studies.

    Technology Required

    To enable completion of this qualification you will require an internet connection to access Learning Materials and Assessments via ISM’s eLearning Portal. Our system works best of the following browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11.

    Some assessments may require you to record using a device (such as a smart phone) and submit via our eLearning portal.