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Assessment Policy (v2.20)


ISM’s will ensure all assessments meet the requirements of the endorsed components of Training Packages and the outcomes specified in accredited courses within the scope of registration. ISM will ensure assessments will:

  • comply with the Assessment Guidelines included in the applicable nationally endorsed Training Packages.
  • lead to the issuing of a Statement of Attainment or qualification under the AQF when a person is assessed as competent against the nationally endorsed unit(s) of competency in the applicable Training Package
  • comply with the principles of validity, reliability, fairness and flexibility;
  • provide for applicants to be informed of the context and purpose of the assessment and the assessment process;
  • involve the evaluation of sufficient evidence to enable judgments to be made about whether competency has been attained;
  • provide feedback to the applicant about the outcomes of the assessment process and guidance on future options in relation to those outcomes;
  • be equitable for all persons, taking account of cultural and linguistic needs
  • provide for reassessment on appeal
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