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Commercial Lending Program

ISM and AFG have come together to offer AFG brokers this fantastic opportunities to develop within their profession and grow their business.



This specialist course will provide participants with the framework and a working knowledge of the commercial lending market and specific skills sets aligning to analysis and understanding of basic business financials, why businesses borrow, analysis of business strategy and management and common loan structures.

What will I Learn?

  • How to have a Commercial Conversation with your client
  • The similarities to Residential loans
  • An appreciation of the importance of serviceability
  • The skills to be able to assess the credit risk on a commercial loan
  • How to obtain the right information needed for assessing commercial credit risk
  • The knowledge to be able to develop a more profitable commercial loan portfolio

Offer more value and a better service to your clients by offering additional products and services.


How is the course presented?

The Commercial Lending program will cover 4 topics (as below)specifically designed to provide you with important competencies that will be valuable in your role as a Commercial Lending specialist.


Introduction to Commercial & Assest Finance

Introduction to Commercial & Assest Finance

Examine the history of the commercial and asset finance markets as well as the development of the products associated with these.

Commercial Finance Products

Commercial Finance Products

Examine the major categories of when and where equipment and commercial finance products are best applied.

Credit Application Process

Credit Application Process

Learn the steps that the finance provider will go through in order to assess your client’s credit application.

Financial Reports

Financial Reports

Analyse Statements of Financial Performance (or Profit & Loss) and Statements of Financial Position (Balance Sheet).


Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course.

How is this course delivered?

ISM will deliver a customised one-day workshop in capital cities, nation wide. Workshops will be supported by individual workbooks for all participants.

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