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Sales Uplift

Sales Uplift

During 2013 Police Bank embarked on a program of training all of their Sale Staff to Certificate IV level.


We used the services of ISM to deliver this training, which has produced a tangible improvement in results for the Bank.


With Police Bank being a Mutual Bank, one of the benefits of using a company like ISM, is that the staff are exposed to how other financial institutions operate, and how the staff need to understand we are competing against the Big 4 and Brokers and not other Mutual Banks.  This insight made a huge impact to the team, and made them re-evaluate how they operate.


To measure the success of the course, we reviewed our sales activity by volume and number of loans for the previous 6 month, for the same period of time.


In every Product suite we found an increase in both “number of products” and “value of these products”.


$ #
Mortgages 6% 5%
Personal Loans 8% 4%
Credit Cards 33% 17%
General Insurance 16% 23%
Loan Protection Ins 17% 16%
Memberships 2%


This program has made a huge difference to our Sales staff in both productivity and morale. To capitalise on this initiative we have now agreed to enter into a 12 month Coaching program with ISM, and the Sales Team have welcomed the next part of their journey in being a highly successful Sale Team.