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A South West Credit Success Story

A South West Credit Success Story

Hi Gerard,

I just thought I’d send you an email on SWCredit’s recent success at this years QBE Member Care Awards held in Sydney this November.

South West Credit was nominated for two awards, Domestic Financial Institution of the Year & Outstanding Improvement by an Individual and I’m happy to tell you that we won both awards!

It was an outstanding effort by the branch with General Insurance last year which lead us to win the overall General Insurance Award by increasing our Gross Written Premium by 20%. Who would have thought 2 years ago that South West Credit could win against bigger credit unions like MECU and WAW.

I won the Outstanding Improvement by an Individual Award by writing 228 of the 405 policies sold last year. Yay!


I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve taught me, you have helped me significantly with my General Insurance. You taught me how to speak to the customer about the value of our products and to work out what is most important to them.

You’ve helped me recognise the different ways people make decisions about buying things and talk to them in a way so that the customer gets what they want.

You’ve also helped me increase my quality of product, I used to only sell Basic Home and Contents Cover as it was the cheapest but now I have a 50% strike rate with our Prestige Cover because I focus on the importance of being covered correctly and once the customer realises the type of protection they’re going to receive the price isn’t as important.

I really do hope everything is going well for you and I appreciate the effort you have put in to SWCredit and me.

Thank you